How Kaizen’s Definitive Online Sales Strategies
Made Developer and Client Look Good and Make Money.

Developer had been stalled on progress and production of a website for their client, (then referred to by the less memorable name, ESIBizDocs), a company offering a collection of downloadable resume templates, template cover letters, and thank you follow-up letters, along with professional career coaching and job search and interview support.

With well into a year of development, the relationship between the developer and their client was running short. Enthusiasm to the project was being lost, animosity was building on both ends, and neither developer nor client was making money on this project.

The original website’s design direction did not match the look and feel that this professional and sophisticated company and their clientele were accustomed to. The website design was chunky and dull, did not follow a user-friendly navigation to funnel visitors through an online shopping experience, did not reach the different customer segments, was not optimized for search engines and, after a year in production, was still not generating any revenues.

The original model required visitors to manually browse through all merchant inventory to locate a resume to best suit their needs. No email capture program was introduced so many visitors would be lost on first visits and likely move on to competitor sites for more quick and convenient purchases.

Additionally, as the developer was using this website as a beta version to a Content Management System (CMS) driven template site, many future websites would have carried a similar look drawn from the template beta website.

Kaizen Consultants were asked to step in to act as strategic liaison between client’s website requirements and developer’s development skills. Working firstly with CareerBizDocs, Kaizen helped the client clearly conceptualize the goals they wished to achieve from the website and create a safe forum from which to clearly communicate their needs. While the developer was a highly skilled programmer, he was - admittedly to the liaison, limited in online ecommerce best practices and insights. In working closely with CareerBizDocs and their developer, Kaizen was able to interpret the client’s needs and that of their own customers, identify the client’s goals, and ensure that all online sales and marketing opportunities were being met. Kaizen introduced a convenience onsite product search box, live support, keyword and marketing rich copy, as well as an email capture program for future upsell opportunities for CareerBizDoc’s more robust professional services.

With Kaizen Consultants working strategically between developer and client, both parties now clear on concise direction, the developer gained a fresh new perspective and attitude. Production, enthusiasm, and client confidence was back on track, the developer was no longer left to spin his wheels waiting for client content, and the client was now able to confidently focus their energy back on their day-to-day operations feeling confident that their website development was making progress. website was launched within two months, the developer paid for their efforts, and CareerBizDocs was on their way to making money with their website.

Kaizen worked closely with the developer and client with a goal to create a user-friendly website that reflected the best practices of a merchant site while encapsulating a clean and sustainable look and feel of a current website. The ultimate goal was to establish immediate online revenues from the site. Through a comprehensive online sales strategy, email capture program, and auto-responder marketing strategies, revenues were generated within the first month, and continued in subsequent months and throughout the year.

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