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Personal and Professional Coaching
"Like athletes, the people in an organization need to develop an inner state conducive to performance, since the most formidable opponent is in the head, not on the playing field"

- Glenn Chomiak, President Life Craft Coaching

Personal and Profession Search
“When a company and the right team are in alignment with one another, brilliant things occur.”

- Sabina Souliere, President Executive Steps Inc.

“Attract and retain your top quality team through an effective employee benefits plan and the guidance of a specialist who cares about you.”

- Paul Hauk, President Beneco

“IP Surveillance technology and IT/IS Network Infrastructure installations and upgrades or expansions that make small companies look huge and large companies grow.”

- James Gosteli, President Myon Systems and Sonja’s little brother.


Kaizen Web Firm Consultants are long time proponents to the support of their company partners.

In this evolving business landscape, madly influenced by technological innovation, globalization and downsizing, a new style of partnering and alliances is emerging; one built on a complex network of information, interaction, and access to the instant changes within our aligning company partners.

Kaizen honors this most fundamental aspect of business: relationships.

Our Trusted & Respected Partners

One expert standing alone is never as powerful as a strong alliance of skilled experts, within their own respective realm of expertise, all working together.

It’s as cliché as saying "Two heads are better than one" but even to the most successful stand alone billionaires such a Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, and Warren Buffett, renowned for his stock market prowess, it is now that in order to succeed in today's collaborative, client-driven, networked world, companies must take advantage of the strength of their business relationships if they wish to succeed.

While some might believe that companies can be managed in isolation, the truth is that the merchants and business world of the past, has never succeeded without the camaraderie and clever handshake of an aligning business - often times where we might not, at first glance, see the complementary benefit from such an alliance.

In short, the most enormously successful partnerships established by Kaizen are those built from trust, respect, and mutual understanding. Many businesses have already benefited from the successful alliances of the companies acknowledged on this page.

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